• "Mr. Johnson"

    "Mr. Johnson"

    He (She, They, It) is the person who gives you your job. Treat Him (Her, Them, It) with respect.
  • Fixer Marioni

    Fixer Marioni

    Former member of the mafia, he can get you in contact with clients if you can get him a small finders fee.
  • Gun Guy

    Gun Guy

    He's got the hookup for all your firearm needs. As long as those needs can be easily smuggled out of Aries in his briefcase.
  • Paul the Scrap Man

    Paul the Scrap Man

    Paul is a middle-aged guy who spends his time in a junkyard.
  • The Mayor of Seattle

    The Mayor of Seattle

    A crooked politician who would be willing to give out information and get the authorities off your back... for a significant sum, of course.