James "Prophet" Berell

"HA yeaaaa would you believe i'm blind??"

Welp lets start huh?

my father was a genius when it came to tech, and I? Well i was good but not him, my dad worked for a gang that “Fought with the man” they called themselves Runners guys that well, did “odd job chores for cash” My dad was called Preacher i didn’t know why… to me he was just dad but anyway. So i guess i should talk about me huh? i was an outcast I was never a strong kid, not the coolest, but i could talk my way out of any pinch i got into and, if that didn’t work a couple hacks here and there definitely would get the job done. Nothing big just.. ya know, I learned how too set off the school sprinklers, set off the fire alarm (i guess those two walk hand and hand huh?), I would get them all the lunch food they wanted by messing up their system. My dad always told me i had great promise, if i just took it more serious. I thought he was crazy… well until high school at least.

High school i guess i should talk about that huh? well it went well for me i grew up, i got hot, ya now the norm. i did a lot of things normal High School kids did, if by normal you meant running with your dads shadow trade group. Yeaaaaa interesting childhood, but i guess that fun changed when my dad got shot and his group left him for dead… I left school, needless to say i didn’t go back. for a couple years i worked as the hacker in a gang to make ends meet. During that time i learned a lot about the street, i just didn’t like killing innocents so much so around idk 4 years later i left. I was 21 and out of a job until i got a call. Welp guess its time too pick up my dads icon and run under a new name, I am the prophet and i see any corrupt, funny, or need to know shit, after i find it, its out there.

James "Prophet" Berell

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